Communities build what they dream, Families get what they need, Children thrive

Creating the Future through Collaboration
In order for kids to start off healthy in life, families need strong communities where everyone is working together toward common goals for young children.

The All Our Kids (AOK) Early Childhood Network is a collaborative effort among the Illinois Department of Human Services, Maternal & Infant Health Bureau; the Illinois State Board of Education; local health departments and agencies; and community members serving very young children and their families.

The AOK Network is a community-based collaboration that is committed to assuring a high-quality, well-coordinated, easily-accessible system of care that will promote positive growth and development for children birth to age five and their families. The overall goal of the AOK Network is to ensure that all children under the age of five years and their families have the opportunity to receive the services they need - from prenatal care to well-baby checkups to parenting education to specialized services, such as speech therapy, physical therapy or home visits. There are 11 community networks in Illinois. Each network includes a wide range of service providers and family members who work together to ensure that babies are born healthy, children remain healthy, children enter school ready to learn, and families are satisfied with the services that they receive.

Across Illinois, AOK Early Childhood Networks are forging powerful connections so that service providers, parents, and community members can create the future they want for their kids.

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