Conceptual Framework

How AOK Networks Improve Child and Family Outcomes

AOK Networks Mission: All Our Kids Early Childhood Networks are community-based collaborations that promote healthy pregnancies and the positive growth and development of all children birth to five and their parents/caregivers by assuring a well-coordinated, easily-accessible, equitable and just system of services and supports that engages parents as partners in making the system work for them.

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* “Community” is used generally to refer to a geographic area, which is defined by each Network. While most Networks focus their efforts across a specific county, some focus on a specific town or area of Chicago.

Core Sets of Principles
  • Community Engagement
  • Family Support
  • System Building
Build Network Capacity
Network capacity

AOK Network partners work together to build their collaborative capacity to continuously improve the service delivery system by focusing on four core areas.

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Improve Local Service Delivery
Local System Building

AOK Networks use a three-prong approach to address system issues and continuously improve the service delivery system.

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Improve Outcomes
Positively Impact Systems
  • Access to quality services
  • Coordination of efforts
  • Equitable and just system
  • Parents as partners in making the system work for them
Positively Impact Children
  • Babies are born healthy
  • Young children are safe, healthy, and developing positively
  • Children are kindergarten ready