Conceptual Framework

How AOK Networks Improve Child and Family Outcomes

AOK Networks are community-based collaborations* that consist of people who share a common interest in helping families with young children get the best start in life. Knowing that individual program efforts are not enough, AOK Network partners work together to connect and coordinate services as they address current child and family priorities.

AOK Networks use system building strategies to improve families’ satisfaction with services and the system by enhancing service access, equity, capacity, and quality. As a result of working together to enhance the system and address local child and family priority issues, Network Partners generate even greater outcomes for young children and their families.

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* “Community” is used generally to refer to a geographic area, which is defined by each Network. While most Networks focus their efforts across a specific county, some focus on a specific town or area of Chicago.

3 Sets of Core Principles
  • Community Engagement
  • Family Support
  • System Building
Network Capacity Building
Network capacity

Core Areas

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System Building
Local system


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Collective Impact
System Impacts
  • Access
  • Quality
  • Equity
  • Capacity
  • Satisfaction
Child and Family Outcomes
  • Children are born healthy
  • Children maintain physical and emotional health and well-being
  • Children enter school ready to learn
  • Parents are leaders in their families and community

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