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Continuous Learning & Adaptive Action

Today’s ever-changing world requires a new approach to assessment, planning and action that is iterative and dynamic rather than linear. More traditional approaches to assessment and strategic planning assume that we live in a static, unchanging world. Central to this assumption is a belief that what we know today will hold true tomorrow. But given the ever-changing nature of our world today, we can no longer operate on this assumption. Assessment, strategic planning, action and evaluation must be executed as a dynamic, iterative process that is woven together by a continual process of learning and responding accordingly. Instead of separate activities performed in sequence, assessing-planning-acting-learning-adapting becomes an iterative process that involves continual data collection that provides real time feedback to discern how strategic actions are or are not influencing the desired results.

With this in mind, AOK Networks develop their strategic plans knowing that they will need to pay attention to emergent challenges and opportunities. At the same time AOK Networks develop and monitor their results so that they can keep all stakeholders informed of their progress as well as the challenges they face along the way. Approaching strategic planning and action in this way strengthens AOK Networks’ capacity to be adaptive, resilient, and capable of influencing change for the common good – no matter what happens.

  • Assessment and Strategic Planning: Conducting an in-depth community needs and resources assessment and engaging in a strategic planning process every five years in concert with other local planning efforts
  • Evaluation, Learning and Adaptive Action: Collecting data on Network initiatives in real time to learn what’s working and what’s not and then adapting strategic approaches to achieve the intended impact
  • Accountability: Identifying, monitoring, and reporting on measures of success to all stakeholders
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