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Shared Agenda

A shared agenda refers to a common understanding of – and shared investment in — the Network’s collective work. This common understanding includes the broader AOK mission and framework, as well as the goals, strategies, and intended impacts of local strategic initiatives. Inherent in a shared agenda is the need to develop common mental models about early childhood development and systems change. A shared agenda requires that Network members engage in an ongoing process of learning together so that they can continually deepen a shared understanding of their collective work.

A shared agenda also means that Network members are committed to taking action together. When there is a shared agenda, there is a shared sense of purpose, joint responsibility and collective confidence that success is possible. In a sense, it is the “glue” that holds everything together regardless of what happens. Networks that have shared goals and commitments find a way around barriers. More narrow programmatic efforts that lack this shared sense of purpose and collective will are often less impactful.

Key Elements

  • Overall Statewide Conceptual Framework: Understanding the statewide AOK Networks’ mission, principles, theory of change, and intended impacts
  • Shared Understanding of Systems Building: Understanding system building (versus program) approaches and strategies to improve child and family outcomes
  • Local Cross-Sector Strategic Initiatives: Understanding local issues and getting to common goals and plans to address them