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Information & Referral

(1) Providing information about available services and resources to families and providers, and (2) establishing a system-wide referral process to assure families get the services they need.

Some of the core work associated with a systemic approach to Information & Referral:

  • Inventorying existing services, supports, and opportunities for families with young children
  • Establishing a process for creating, maintaining, and updating a service directory that works for families and providers
  • Making the service directory available and known to families and providers
  • Having a systematic process for referring families to other services
  • Having a system in place to follow up on referrals to determine whether families needs were met
  • Monitoring the information and referral process through ongoing collection of data and stories to:
    • Evaluate the impact of a high-quality information and referral system
    • Identify opportunities to improve the process and outcomes
  • Continually improving the referral process as needed to assure families get connected to the services they want and need