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Workforce Training & Development

Assuring a well-trained, high-quality early childhood and family support workforce that is well-trained in their fields of specialization and in family support principles and practices.

Some of the core work associated with a systemic approach to Workforce Staffing & Development:

  • Assessing the local workforce to determine workforce:
    • Quality
    • Capacity to meet current needs
    • Training and professional development needs
  • Inquiring with families to understand their satisfaction with the local workforce
  • Recruiting additional talent to expand the current workforce when necessary
  • Providing for a wide variety of local training opportunities such as:
    • Local training opportunities
    • Academic programs
    • Continuing education
  • Assuring the demographics of the workforce match the demographics of the populations they serve
  • Supporting the workforce’s:
    • Cultural competency
    • Ability to integrate family support principles and practices in their work
    • Use of best practices as appropriate
    • Adherence to quality standards in their areas of specialization
  • Monitoring the capacity and quality of the local workforce through the collection of data and stories to:
    • Evaluate the impact of supporting the local workforce
    • Identify potential opportunities to support and strengthen the local workforce
  • Continually improving the quality and capacity of the workforce