Tazewell AOK Hunger and Health Workshop

Join us for the “Hunger and Health: Importance of Fostering Healthy Eating at the Start” lunch and learn workshop.

Food insecurity is a huge issue in our community today, 1 in 6 youth in Illinois are considered food insecure.

Inadequate nutrition can permanently alter a child’s brain growth leading to stunted intellectual capacity, and learning/ social challenges. Food plays a BIG role in our health and impacts whether or not we are able to lead an active, healthy life. The type of food matters as 7 out of 10 deaths in the United States deaths in the US are caused by chronic diseases, like heart disease and diabetes. Many children rely on early childcare centers for meals and nutrition education; however, only one in five children eats the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables each day. Young children are developing their food preferences that will last their lifetime. Join us to learn the role hunger plays in child’s development and how to encourage children to try new foods and how to offer foods repeatedly to shape healthy eaters.

Objective 1: Participants will be able to define food insecurity

Objective 2: Participants will be able to identify what it means to be a choosy eater

Objective 2: Participants will identify strategies that can be used in the classroom to overcome choosy eating